If All Humans Were Bodybuilders

These photo series were created by Belgian photographer Kurt Stallaert and entitled "Body Builder's World". The pictures include the manipulation of people's bodies in different scenarios representing … [Read more...]

Giant Snake Made of Aluminum


The giant snake you see in the picture is actually the work of French/Chinese contemporary artist Huang Yong Ping. Is made of Aluminum and is 174-foot long. It was scheduled to appear at Asia Pacific … [Read more...]

The Palm House of California


The house in these pictures is a single family residence named "The Palm House" in California. Daly Genik Architects recently completed a renovation of this beautiful house. The Stucc0-box like … [Read more...]

Bracelets Made of Guitar Strings


The bracelets in the picture are called Rock Recycled Guitar String Bracelets. These are made by hand using recycled guitar strings and other metals. String colors can differ. They can be made of … [Read more...]