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Creative Greed’s mission is to find the most inspiring and creative things to share with our awesome readers.

We browse the web and update the website daily bringing you the latest interesting stories on architecture, design, interior design, office spaces, photography and more. We want to be your #1 source of inspiration.

We are loyal believers of inspiring individuals by sharing creative things

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We are small team of people attempting to deliver the best creative content in all the artsy areas. We need people that love art as much as we do to help us reach more people with amazing content.

Our main candidates will be people that absolutely love Art and Design:

  1. Writers – We’re looking for contributing writers to our growing community.
  2. Internet Scouts – Art & Design has no meaning if nobody gets to see it. We are looking for people to help us stay fresh with our content and spread the word. We need dedicated scouts who will send us all the great news on what’s going on in and around the global Art/Design ecosystem.

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